Our goal isn’t to take care of ourselves, it’s to take care of you.

At Creative Wealth Management, we believe health promotes wealth. When you live a healthier life, you have more time and ability to enjoy the wealth that you have accumulated over the span of your life. Health is an investment with lasting returns. A healthy lifestyle maximizes your body and mind’s capacity to earn more and live better throughout your life.

At Creative Wealth Management, we’re committed to your financial security, good health, and personal happiness.

We don’t do things halfway.

Our W(h)ealth service offering ensures each client has a health plan that coincides with their financial plan. W(h)ealth is an integrated component of Creative Wealth Management dedicated to providing you with the roadmap for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.   

We’ll explore how nutrition, movement, and well-being all contribute to living a vibrant life. We’ll investigate new lifestyle habits that compliment your current lifestyle so you can move the needle on the health meter in a more positive direction.

Integrated Longevity Planning provides our clients with the resources and support to live their best, most content life possible today.

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Knowledge Built from Experience

Health and Lifestyle Coach Kelley Rakow has 25 years of experience in her field. Her expertise and passion make her the perfect choice to lead W(h)ealth.


That's alright, this is revolutionary after all.

While the possibilities are endless, common areas include: stress management, weight management, exercise programming, mobility, diabetes prevention, improved energy, and much more.

Coaches empower clients to uncover what is most important, set intentions, and establish action steps so clients can positively impact their health, life, and future. They also bridge the gap between a doctor’s recommendation and client implementation. Coaches provide the tools for behavioral change while new or revised lifestyle habits are put into practice. Coaches help clients develop a healthy attitude and lifestyle habits, and they support them throughout their journey.

A Health and Lifestyle Coach is a promoter of health, an educator, and an active partner in helping clients improve their lives by improving their lifestyle choices.
Coaches help clients make positive and lasting changes to their life by improving health. They facilitate a process for the client to create a vision for their health, well-being, and life. Coaches then provide guidance, resources, and encouragement in order to help clients develop a healthy mindset and create lasting lifestyle habits—not just short-term fixes.

Did you know, in the US, the average adult life expectancy is 77.8? However, the average United States citizen’s lifestyle with a packed schedule of responsibilities and little down time may prevent you from reaching your potential maximal life span. With W(h)ealth, you can expect a quarterly meeting with Kelley and follow-up between sessions. We’ll get to know one another, discuss your dreams and goals, and create a plan around your #1 desire or concern.
With a positive attitude and the drive to make improvement, we can expect the risk factors for many lifestyle diseases to go down dramatically. Kelley is looking forward to guiding you on the next leg of the journey.

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