Big Changes Can Be Tough

Creative Wealth Management hosts a series of free, online seminars through W(h)ealth designed to help educate and support others in staying healthy and on track. This webinar, designed and taught by Health and Lifestyle Coach Kelley Rakow, will walk you through the steps to managing big life transitions. Whether you're graduating college, starting a new job, heading into retirement, or simply preparing for the future, beginning a new phase in life can seem daunting. If you're experience anxiety, concern, feeling at a loss, our webinar can help put those feelings to rest.


  • The potential sources of worry or anxiety
  • How to mentally and emotionally prepare for life transitions
  • How to use introspection to reflect in productive ways
  • Where to find the patience to face and understand your personal growth
  • How to realign your view of upcoming challenges so they are more approachable

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