hourglass and clocks, showing found time

Making the Most of Found Time

 “There’s never enough time.”

In reality, we do have time – the same 24 hours. Every single day. 

However, not having time is a feeling. It’s being overwhelmed; the feeling of being pushed to the brink with too much to think about, too many problems to solve, and too much to do, causing fatigue, stress, and mental burnout. 

But now, at least for a little while, life is different. Parked at home under self-isolation or mandated stay-at-home orders with nowhere to go, we have found time. 

Void of packed schedules full of appointments, meetings, errands, and social commitments, we have openness in our days like never before.

Herein is a huge opportunity to do life different.

It would be easy to choose escapism by waiting out the duration of the shelter in place order by lying around watching movies, mindlessly eating, and pouting about our temporary loss of freedom and mobility.

Or, we can shift our focus to how to use found time to stay connected, healthy, and positive. 

Time for Creativity

Consider what you can create while sequestered at home.

Let your creative brain go. For the first time in a long time, distractions from the outside world are shut off. The noise of life is at a very low hum. Take advantage of the quietness. Rearrange the furniture, carve something out of wood, try a new recipe, play an instrument, paint, sing, sew, start writing a book, mail letters to friends and family, print some pictures and create a picture wall, brainstorm for a new business venture…the ideas are endless. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself “artsy,” this is the opportune time for creativity to come alive. Nurture these thoughts and ideas. 

Time for Connection

Every person is impacted by either self-quarantine or shelter in place. Many are feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. We’re all in this together, and it’s super important to share our experiences with others. Call or video chat family, friends, and co-workers daily.

Time for Sustenance

Identify what your basic needs are and include them in a daily routine. Use some of your found time to try new, healthy habits. Consider exercising for 10 -30 minutes every day. Incorporate a daily stretching routine. Eat the most nutritious foods possible. Drink more water and less soda. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Take a walk outside. Dedicate 15 minutes to reading spiritual or inspirational material. Keep a journal to document your experience. End the day with an entry of gratitude.

Time for Productivity

What home projects have been “on the list” for a long time? If you have the resources at home to complete the project, now is the perfect time. If not, tackle spring cleaning projects like cleaning out closets, washing windows, sorting family heirlooms, organizing the attic, updating important documents, or sweeping the garage.

Time for Positivity

Keep your heart open yet guard your thoughts. Decide how much news and information you really need daily. Limit the consumption to the bare minimum. Use the rest of your found time to nurture and nourish yourself and those in your midst. At the end of the day it's what’s happening in your home that is the most important. 

Time for Nothing

Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. Rest in the quiet and simply be. There is time for everything, but it can’t all be at the same time. There are many lessons to learn in the resting and reflecting. Take some found time and uncover what is there. 

What will you do with your found time?

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